Healing with love…. and diet... and acupuncture.

My 10 year old beautiful Ragdoll is the eldest of my own happy creatures. She is a silly cat who likes to chase her squeaky mouse around the house, sun bathe by the window and sleep on my pillow at night. Not to long ago she was diagnosed with kidney disease and although she is doing great right now, she was very ill for a while. Despite all veterinary efforts to make her better, in a span of 6 months my lovely Ragdoll became anemic and incontinent, developed a heart murmur, and lost weight. In addition, her renal values were getting worse every month. Instead of giving you a long list of treatments that did not work for my kitty, I wanted to share the stuff that worked. I found a holistic veterinarian who kindly suggested managing Mocha’s disease with a better quality food and acupuncture sessions. Did you know there is such a thing as acupuncture for cats? I did not. I was skeptical to say the least, but I was willing to try anything after no success with more traditional medicine. I switched my cat’s diet to raw food and found a certified veterinarian acupuncturist at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Doctor Võ.  Not long after finding Doctor Võ, I noticed my cat’s energy levels and appetite improve. And her urinary issues disappeared. My kitty came back to a happy state. Acupuncture cat backShe is not longer anemic, her heart murmur is gone and her renal values are close to normal. I can not say enough good things about Doctor Võ and her practice or the potential healing power of alternative medicine for inflammatory and degenerative diseases. I became a believer soon after Doctor Võ applied the first needle to my ailing cat. Can you guess my cat’s reaction to having a needle applied directly on her forehead? Purring! With her body relaxed, she fell asleep within the first minutes of treatment. I probably would not believe this story if I had not actually witnessed it first hand. If your cute creature is dealing with an illness and your veterinarian has not pinpointed the cure, you may want to investigate holistic medicine and acupuncture. If you do, please feel free to share your experience in this blog.