Happy 4th!

Tomorrow we will celebrate American Independence. But please be careful not to let your pet gain too much independence during this holiday! Did you know that more pets are lost on July 4th in the US than any other day? Loud noise from fireworks is one key factor, so if your pooch prefer quiet, please make sure you make them as comfortable as possible if fireworks are near. As a pet parent you can help to minimize stressful situations, like loud noises. First, be wary of signs of distress, such as uncontrolled barking, shaking, drooling, pee accidents, poor appetite and attempts to hide.   

If you aren't sure how your happy creature will react to fireworks, it might be best to play it safe and make sure they are home by the time fireworks start. Double check that dogs have their collars and ID tags on firmly and keep outside doors (and windows!) secure to reduce the chance of a run-away. Also, if possible, avoid leaving your pets alone, even in a confined room. Animals can get very scared and might end up unintentionally hurting themselves. You can close curtains and play music or TV to distract your pets from the outside noises. Taking a dog walk just before fireworks is also a good idea to avoid a pee accident.

One other important consideration: Never scold a scared animal, as it will only intensify their fears.

Here is to a happy and pet safe 4th of July holiday!