A day at the park

I am undecided if I like dog parks or not. That said, there are beautiful days when I walk past one of those great empty grass areas and I cannot resist. Today was one of those days. I was walking Zoey when we encountered an empty dog park on a gorgeous day, which seemed like a perfect play-date! Zoey is a very cute, friendly and happy cockapoo. She is simply a blast and is very good responding to basic obedience training commands. Lately I have been teaching Zoey to come to me when I call her. The ‘come’ command is very important because a proper response will grant Zoey freedom and will keep her out of trouble in a difficult situation. Watch her rock the ‘come’ command at this link. We were alone today practicing, so teaching Zoey to respond properly with other doggies and people around will be her next step. Actually, it probably won’t be the other dogs or humans that will pose the biggest challenge... her love of chasing squirrels will be! Wish us luck working on this next step, which I will surely be blogging about soon.

Behavior training during pet care

Athena is a gorgeous golden mix weighing about sixty pounds. That’s a lot of dog to take around town, so I need to keep to my gym routine to stay in shape for her! She is very sweet with people, but displays dog-to-dog aggression. This is an issue that many dog owners will encounter and have to resolve. Athena’s aggression tends to be worse toward female doggies. I have a little over a month to work with her on a daily basis and I will begin the process of training her to respond properly when approaching another dog. I will use the calm and assertive energy method with her, and I will add lots of daily exercise as well. I can not guarantee Athena’s behavioral issue will be 100% corrected but I will do everything I can to help her become a more balanced pooch. I’ll keep you updated on this blog with her progress. Have you trained a dog with dog-to-dog aggression? Which approach did you use? Do you have any tips or suggestions of how to address unbalanced dog behavior?