Kudos to Fat Orange Cat Studio

Do you love how cute your happy creatures can be just hanging out at your home or on a wall? I personally love to have pictures of my pets hanging up on the wall or on my desk at work. Pets are part of the family and bring great pride and happiness. I like taking pictures of the pets I care for and sending them to their owners who always are extremely thankful for the images. Have you ever tried to capture your cute little creature smiling? If you are like me and have made countless attempts to shoot Fido in this fun or wacky situation without success, you know that being a pet photographer is a not so easy task to fill.

When I started my company, I wanted to have some professional photographs taken of my pets so people visiting my site would get a sense of how much I care for animals. I had such an amazing experience and loved the photographs that I wanted to share my photographer’s information with you in case you wanted similar images of your cute creatures. Her name is Li Ward and my experience with her was simply wonderful. She is professional, easy-going and talented with animals. She was able to capture great shots for my website and some others for my personal collection. Wait, did I mention how sweet, loving and patient Li is with pets and pet parents? Thank you Li Ward for capturing priceless memories of my happy creatures.