Stress-free travel

What’s better than caring for a pet while an owner goes on travel? Taking care of a big family or many dogs and cats while pet parents take some much deserved rest-and-relaxation! On the first visit, everything was going swimmingly until I noticed that one kitty seemed to be hiding! The owner did a great job telling me about various pet tendencies, so I was already aware that the kitties were shy and I might not see them even over the span of weeks. However, I really wanted to find the hiding cat to make her feel comfortable in the absence of her owners. Turns out that while the family was busy packing, the kitty was accidentally locked in a room! These things happen easily, so hopefully this story will serve as a reminder to other pet-parents-travelers to make sure your pets don’t get lost in the shuffle of packing... especially as a stow-away in your luggage! This story had a happy ending and I helped the little kitty to find her food and water before getting too hungry. And that is why pet care is so important. Making sure your cute creatures are happy, safe and loved while you are away is part of having a relaxing vacation.