I recommend Monica extremely highly. She did a fantastic job taking care of my fragile ailing feline for a week, including dealing with the beginnings of a health crisis. She kept me up to speed with daily updates on eating, litter box use, behavior, etc. (also sending photos, which I loved) and based on what she'd told me, I knew I needed to get the cat to the vet when I got home. (Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer, which we'd been suspecting but hadn't confirmed til now.) Since then, she's sent me lovely emails expressing concern and best wishes AND an extremely helpful article on dealing with pets' end of life issues. She is lovely, wonderful, responsible, caring, and experienced -- everything you could possibly want in a pet care helper.

Amy G.


I wish that I could give Monica more stars! She came to our rescue while we were in Boston on a business trip. She took care of our little Ella a 9 week old Boxer. Monica was so loving to Ella and I knew right away that she was a pet lover. I recommend to everyone! Thank you Monica!

Jennifer O.


I travel often and I have a spoiled puppy. I really feel lucky to have found Happy Creatures. Monica is the best pet sitter ever! She is professional, polite, detail oriented, and her extraordinary level of service is above and beyond for anyone who needs pet sitting. She has been a wonderful person, she truly loves my puppy and honestly I don't know what I would do without her doing overnight sitting in my home. Traveling is less stressful knowing I will arrive home to find everything exactly as I wanted and my puppy safe and happy. Monica, I will give you more than five stars on Yelp if I could! Thank you.

Lisa J.


The one part of my day that I never worry about. Monica is caring, responsible and helpful, and my dog loves her too.

Ana J.


My kitty Knox loves Happy Creatures team. An amazing experience to remember and repeat (he claims) 

Natalia B.


We were worried about allowing someone into our home to take care of our pets when we're not around. It takes a lot of trust to do that! For the record our beloved dog requires lots of attention while our cat is pathologically shy. Monica proved that there was nothing to fear. She was fantastic! We love the updates & pictures Monica sent after each visit. Our guys were so happy and relaxed when we returned from our trip, almost as if we never left. We wouldn't leave our babies with anyone else.

Juan D.


Monica is wonderful! My little Zoey has a bit of separation anxiety and has developed a "treat routine" when we leave- Monica enthusiastically learned the routine and applies it every day to make sure Zoey doesn't cry when left alone. She sends me daily pictures to give me peace of mind and let me know how the day went. Monica is kind and it's clear she genuinely loves caring for animals.

Casey L.


Very nice. I went for a show with my date to the city and we couldn’t leave Rocky home because he was sick. Monica helped us sitting him for two hours while we went for the show. When we picked him up, Rocky was so happy playing with her. Very nice. Y habla español!!!

Wenher C.


I cannot say enough positive things about Monica. As a new kitten-parent who was leaving my kitten alone with someone other than a family member for the first time, let alone someone I did not know, I was VERY NERVOUS. Monica dealt with my jittery protectiveness with grace, patience and understanding. Monica met with me before my leave to meet my kitten and I and brought a couple simple straight forward forms for me to look over and sign which also made me feel reassured. She is professional, bonded and insured, very reliable, deeply caring and went above and beyond my expectations. She is a sincere animal lover with 3 cats of her own and has volunteered at shelters. She took very great care of my little 5 month old, VERY high energy kitten while I was away for 7 days. She came twice a day to my home each day and cared for my little cat for an hour each visit. She followed directions exactly, updated me after each visit with several photos of my kitten at each play session with her, and was immediately responsive to my texts whenever I contacted her. When there was a glitch with MY phone and I did not receive one text, she emailed me right away and went right out to the Verizon store-to make absolute positive sure it was not HER phone!!! It was in fact my phone that was the problem. Still, she went out of her way to make sure. She takes being reliably communicative very seriously and is over-all very responsible. When my kitten's electric laser toy ran out of AA batteries and I did not have any in the house, Monica went and picked some up for me. Her kitten updates were thorough and timely. She even watered my plants and refilled my humidifier. When I got home, I found a blank postcard from Monica pre-addressed to her asking for feed back, if there were any complaints, suggestions and so forth, as well as two (adorable) business cards to give referrals! Additionally, a day after I was home, I got a message from Monica alerting me that a recall was just issued the day before for EVO-the food I feed my kitten-very scary. Luckily when I checked their website the food-lot I have was not affected. Monica is up to date on her animal product news and info! She is so professional, and has a lot of integrity. She is sincerely interested in doing the best job she can do. And WOW-what and amazing job she did. If you are a pet owner looking for a professional, reliable, responsible, sweet, communicative, loving pet care provider, look no further- you have found one in Monica. Thank you Monica!!!!!!

Jenna Z.


Monica is Great! I was new in town, had just moved into my apartment, and my furniture had not even arrived yet - just me and a stressed out cat in an environment very different than either of us had every been in. Monica came over to meet us for an interview, and although our cat is normally shy and reserved, he took to Monica right away. I have never had people in my home when I'm away, but Monica provided references who obviously thought highly of her. My pet was not adjusting well to his new environment, but Monica spent time with him every night while I was away, and sent pictures and a description of how he behaved to my email every night when she saw him. She gave me good recommendations for things I could do to make my absence easier for him, and has offered a recommendation for a new vet. Monica is a pro. I will call Monica again when we are traveling. I would recommend her without hesitation

Julia M.


Monica did an outstanding job cat-sitting. She took excellent care of my 14 year old deaf cat. I would highly recommend her and I hope to have her take care of my cat in the future.​

Kevin C.


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